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The Rogue and the Wolf | Witch Hawk

September 30, 2014 0 Comments
Hello everyone, with the season of witches upon us, is there anything more perfect than to wear avant-garde jewellery from the rogue and the wolf from their ‘The Witch Hawk ‘ AW15 collection? The designers create jewellery that stands out from the crowd by creating them using a 3D printer – how wicked is that?!

The package arrives in a super cute bag which I ended up keeping as it was so lovely. I choose the steel metal jewellery as they are medium priced. It also helps that they currently are having a sale across the full shop, and I had an added 20% discount. However, if this is still out of your own price range the polyamide plastic pieces are super cute and very affordable. To further my own collection I am currently eyeing up the Cat Ears Ring in polyamide and The “Sleepwalk” ring in stainless steel.
 The jewellery is of high quality and I just love the edgy look it gives to an outfit. So for a beautiful autumn, urban witch look head on over to either their website or Etsy shop.
September 24, 2014


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