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My Brow Routine

November 5, 2014 0 Comments
Hello everyone, I have been told that I have nice eyebrows and, have been asked by quite a few people what it is that I do to them. Well, today I am sharing my routine/tutorial on how I do my brows!
First up is shaping:
I follow the basic rules using my face as a guide. I take my eyebrow brush and line up the points on my brows using my face as a guide. These are the points that will make sure that you don’t over pluck your brows which is easily done! By following this diagram above from cosmo you should have a good natural shape (suited to your own face) to work with.

Eyebrow Makeup
mac eyebrow pencil in spiked
benefit brow zings
lush highlighter
plus any concealer or foundation
Step 1: these are my naked eyebrows, and for that matter my naked face too, as you can see I have roughly followed the rules of shaping, however, they do look a bit bare without any make-up on! I go through my regular foundation routine first before applying my brows.
Step 2: I use my brow zings kit. I first use the wax as shown in the first picture below, then I used the shadow from the kit on top of the wax. The brow zings kit is brilliant as the width of the brushes provided are about the same width as my natural brow which makes it very easy to apply.
Step 3: I use my mac eyebrow pencil to line the bottom of my brows, this helps to define the shape. Then I apply foundation and/or highlighter above and below my brows to tidy them up. I blend this out into my skin which is when I should be left with lovely defined eyebrows.
Step 4: Voila! Beautiful filled in eyebrows. I tend to then apply my winged eyeliner, and possibly lipstick to complete my look.
November 7, 2014


I'm Corinne, a psychology student, 21-year-old who lives in Scotland loves fashion, beauty, animals and travelling. I hope you enjoy my world.


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