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Primark Unicorn Jumper | Merry Christmas

December 24, 2014 0 Comments

Hello everyone, today I thought I would show you all a recent purchase from Primark that I am absolutely nuts about! A perfectly cosy fluffy unicorn jumper for £10.

I have been loving Primark’s Christmas Jumpers recently, but I always feel that you can only wear a Christmas Jumper in December. So this is a great option for those that would rather have the freedom to wear a winter jumper for a longer period of time.
It is has a very retro feel to it which I love, and it is just oh so cosy and warm. I can’t rate this jumper enough! I love the kitsch multi-coloured patterns and it reminds me of my childhood when I would play with my little pony dolls (even though it is indeed a Unicorn). It has a lush psychedelic print on the back with Lucky Star printed amongst rainbows and such.
From the confectionery coloured pattern, the oversized fit, the sports luxe light grey trim to the fleece, the super-soft blanket fabric it is just a jumper of dreams. Plus, the UNICORN. It is just ideal to get me through the dreary winter months and instantly uplift my mood. It is hard to feel sad when you are covered in rainbows, stars and love hearts.
Furthermore, in my local Primark, they were also selling a food print jumper too! It was made in the same fleecy material which just makes you want to curl up with a hot chocolate.
 I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone!
December 15, 2014


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