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Treacle Moon: Bath and Shower Gels

December 10, 2014 0 Comments
Around Christmas time, I become more and more drawn to spicy scents such as cinnamon and ginger. So when I was having a weekly shop around the good old Tesco I saw that the Treacle Moon bath and shower gel was reduced to £1.99 for 500ml each I could not resist. I have heard people diss this brand because ‘it is a blatant copy/rip off of philosophy’ however, the brand philosophy is more expensive and have different scents. For this reason, I personally have no problem with buying Treacle Moon products especially when their products are not tested on animals and have no ingredients that are derived from animals, and are suitable for vegetarians. As an ex-veggie, I still try my best to buy products supporting animal welfare.

First up is one ginger morning it is a refreshing and zingy scent. There are hints of citrus mixed with the ginger and vaguely smells of sherbet. It reminds me of the ginger beer. It really wakes me up in the morning and I just love the smell, I will most likely use this as shower gel more often than as bubble bath.

Description: wakey wakey duvet princess… with a gentle yawn she stretched and captured her dream… still warm… today seemed full of endless promise.

Finally, warm cinnamon nights – this one was actually a repurchase, I love this scent it is wonderfully spicy yet sweet and is just so spot on for the festive season. It reminds me of soft cinnamon sugar pretzels and has zesty hints of orange. It lathers well in the shower and creates a reasonable amount of bubbles in the bath, and when you add a fair amount of the product it even turns the bath water red!
Description: she watched the ice flowers on the window pane fade… her eyes slowly closed in the cinnamon-scented bubbles and the soft darkness told stories to the laughing moon…

One of my most favourite things about the Treacle Moon products (other than their more than reasonable price) is that the scent lingers on your skin and does not dry it out. I have to be so careful with my sensitive skin so I just love it when I find lovely scented things that actually help to moisturise it!
December 7, 2014


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