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The Wanderlust tag

February 4, 2015 4 Comments
I have been seeing quite a few blog posts recently with this wonderful ‘wanderlust’ tag, and thought that I would join in the fun since I have thoroughly enjoyed reading others’ travelling dreams! The questions were swiped from Efia, I have been thinking a lot about things on my bucket list lately, and the majority of points are travel based, so although this is not strictly a travel blog I hope you all enjoy reading it!

Q: Where was your first plane to?
I am pretty sure that my first plane was to the Algarve in Portugal for a holiday with the family when I was around seven years old. I remember being super excited because it seemed like such a big deal going on a plane because prior to that my parents were big fans of the trek in the car down south to England then across to France on the Ferry. So it was a pretty damn good concept – what d’ya mean we’ll be there in 3 hours?!!
Q: Where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?
My two favourite places that I would go to again in a heartbeat is New York and China. I basically want to road trip around America but New York is one of the most wonderful cities I have ever visited. I loved the vibes, the food, the people, the shopping. Yeah, it was pretty awesome, there is also a lot of beauty products that are pretty hard to get in the UK that I would like to buy so a visit to America would not go amiss. I also want to travel all over China, although on my last trip I went to Xi’An – I probably wouldn’t visit there on a China tour, though. I would like to see other cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I think it would be interesting to visit Xi’An again in like 10-20 years though as there was a lot of construction work going on when I visited, but the purpose of the trip was volunteering to look after Giant Panda’s rather than where I fancied going if you catch my drift!

Q: You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?
Japan. A million times over Japan. It is the place that has been on top of my bucket list to visit for sooo long but it is super expensive. Although money is no object so can I say a tour Japan, Thailand, and China, then a trip down to Australia and New Zealand???
Q: Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or car?
I guess it depends on where I am going. I do get quite restless as a passenger in a car, and I don’t love driving. But it is nicer having your space than on a crowded train! I do enjoy a good plane journey since I feel like I’m travelling somewhere important but I can never sleep on planes. Cry.
Q: Top three travel items? 
Sunscreen, a good book, and a personal organiser. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to making sure things are prepared, I need essential travel items accessible, and what I want to do planned. There is nothing worse than being stranded in a foreign country in a mad panic or forgetting something you wanted to do while visiting!
Q: Favourite travel website?
I like scrolling through the Lonely Planet website for inspiration but do prefer reading their books! I also like looking at ‘gap year’ opportunity based sites such as i-to-i (the company I went with for my China trip), as well as watching travel vlogs on YouTube Fun For Louis has some really awesome videos!
Q: Where would you travel to just to eat the food?
Take me anywhere in Italy and I will be a very happy (possibly overweight) girl! Glorious stone baked pizza, pasta dishes and homemade ice cream mmmm.
Q: Is there a place you would never go again?
Interesting, there isn’t really a single place that comes to mind – there are places I’m not bothered about going back to but I wouldn’t cross them out completely. Maybe a couple of shoddy apartments that weren’t too good, but not a country/city specifically.
Q: Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
Definitely not, it is such a random combination of numbers! If I were travelling on a more regular basis I think I would like to able to, though.
Q: Do you prefer window, aisle or middle seat?
I am that mean person that takes the window if given the choice- sorry travel companions! I think most people prefer the window. I find it helps any travel vertigo and I enjoy watching the scenery as you soar over a new country.
Q: How do you pass the time on the aeroplane?
I usually take that time to get into a good book, I never spend enough time reading in comparison to how I would when I was younger, so it’s a good time to set aside being able to do that. I also listen to music or check the movies on long-haul flights.
After writing up this post it has me thinking about my travelling dreams and that I should really try and save my extra pennies for more time spent exploration anywhere and everywhere! If you could visit anywhere just for one day where would you go?


I'm Corinne, a psychology student, 21-year-old who lives in Scotland loves fashion, beauty, animals and travelling. I hope you enjoy my world.


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    Amy Liddell

    February 6, 2015

    Ah I actually love this post I may have to steal the questions from you if I ever get the chance to do it!

    http://www.saltandchic.com // UK Fashion Blog

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    Ana Céline

    February 6, 2015

    That's such a cool tag! I loved reading your answers and your photos look amazing! xo


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    Lady Ellumina

    February 6, 2015

    It was such fun filling out, you definitely should! x

  4. Reply

    Lady Ellumina

    February 6, 2015

    Thank you! It's scary to think that the pictures are from 4 and 2 years ago now! I must invest in some more travelling x


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