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Wishlist #2 Spring

February 18, 2015 4 Comments

Come every season I always feel that a wardrobe update is due, whether or not I need new clothes is a question better left unanswered. So here we are yet again looking at another seasonal wishlist post! For spring I seem to be largely lusting after monochromes, and neutral colours which aren’t that different from my winter palette of choice. Usually by this is the time my love for mixing pastels appears. Maybe there is time yet. It just does not feel like spring is ever going to come right now although March isn’t that far away, most likely something to do with the snowy weather over the last few weeks. So let’s dig into what I have been eyeing up recently!
Topshop Drap Blouse
This is a lot more elegant and effortless than what I would tend to for in a blouse. I just think this a beautiful basic to add to my wardrobe and would go lovely with a leather jacket, black jeans and boots. It is also available in black and a beautiful rusty red. But you really can’t go wrong with the white.
Deena & Ozzy Suede Panel Backpack
I have been glancing at leather backpacks in the shops for some time now, they seem to be a great solution for when you can’t be bothered carrying a heavy handbag around everywhere, and they don’t look mismatched with a nice outfit too. It is very easy with backpacks to look like you are back at school and not exactly the look you were going for.
All Saints Farrah Coat
Oh god, a girl can dream, right? Every season without fail all saints brings out new coats that I just fall in love with. It would be a dream to own this coat since it isn’t brown enough to be camel or green enough for a light khaki, I think it is a good in between which would suit my skin tone much better.
Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette
Since Doe Deere released Instagram photos last October showing off her new ‘grunge look’ to the public I have been seriously lusting after this palette. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to get a hold of in the UK, and when stockists had it available I was patiently waiting for my student loan payment to come through! Since then it has literally disappeared off the face of the earth to buyers. Then nowhere UK based has it in stock and even the lime crime website has sold out. (It definitely isn’t acceptable to spend £100 on eyeshadow eBay sellers!)
There has been a lot of claims lately all over the internet regarding credit card information getting into the wrong hands after ordering from Lime Crime itself. Hence, I will not pass any of you guys onto the website, I will also just have to patiently wait for UK stockists to buy it back in. Sigh!
Next Flare Jeans
Since the age of around 13 or 14, I have bought nothing else jean wise apart from skinnies. I couldn’t even bring myself to buy straight leg jeans, however, I have been really loving flared jeans lately! The 70s is on trend and I kind of love it. The style is flattering on curvier figures. The flare elongates legs and they appear longer, in essence, a dream come through for an hourglass-like myself.
Aphrodite Necklace
For those of you that haven’t heard of the Serpent Club, you should check them out. They make lots of wonderful quartz style jewellery that is just right up my street with my witchy jewellery taste. I really love the Aphrodite necklace that they released not too long ago. It might of even be a valentines day release, correct me if I am mistaken!
Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses
I guess this is another ‘if I were rich’ wishlist kind of item. I just adore my cat eye shaped glasses that I use on a daily basis, so if I could afford fancy sunglasses these would be a winner.
Hologram Brogues
Holy crap these shoes are wonderful I think I spotted them on Zoe London’s blog or youtube not that long ago. They are the perfect more adult alternative to creepers. Not that I would part with my much loved underground dalmatian beauties.
Benefit Roller Lash
The blogosphere basically exploded last month with tasters of this product, either from being sent samples from Benefit or those that were savvy enough to buy Elle magazine when they gave away sample sized mascaras. I am really hesitant about this product, is it worth the hype? – I am currently using their best-seller ‘They’re Real’ and if I am completely honest I haven’t been blown away by the product and actually preferring my drugstore alternative. I am still really curious about Roller Lash after reading a lot of good reviews, and I mean a lot, so it remains on my wishlist.


Monki Dungaree Dress
I thought this dress was ultra cute. I have been drawn to dungarees for a few years now, yet I hold back from buying them for fear of looking like an oversized child since I am such a short arse! I think this dress might be my option of avoiding this problem, or I hope it will be anyway.
What has been catching your eye for spring? Are you loving the florals and 70s style appearing everywhere in the shops or are you hating on it?


February 15, 2015


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    Diana Cloudlet

    February 18, 2015

    I’ve just found your blog and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Interesting posts, beautiful photos & design! It’s really amazing!
    Great job! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

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    Lady Ellumina

    February 18, 2015

    Thank you so much for your support & lovely comment! x

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    Heather Nixon

    March 9, 2015

    Great wish list x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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    Lady Ellumina

    March 12, 2015

    Cheers! 🙂 x


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