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Corinne - March 17, 2015

If any of you guys follow me on social media (e.g. Instagram @ladyellumina ) then you will definitely know that I am a Cat Lady! I’m the proud mum of two furry cuties called Sayuri and Haku, and volunteer at my local cat shelter in my free time. Sayuri is primarily my baby, and Haku Sam’s, but since we live together and have known the each of the cats since they little kittens I consider them both of them my furchildren. For those that don’t know, Sayuri is the fluffy birman above, and Haku is the tan tabby and white moggy. Haku is a handsome boy but a pain to try and get a photo of as he jumps about like a ninja! Sayuri on the other hand is a right floozy and will roll about in front of a camera. I tend to shop online for pet food, as I can buy quality food at bargain prices and it is convenient for me to order up at set times of the month.
I received my sample box from* for the kitties to try out, and I was very impressed with speed of delivery. I believe it was the same day that I was notified of the dispatch. The products were well covered in a very large cardboard box and when I opened it up (with the help of Haku & Sayuri) I saw that they were placed in shredded cardboard, which the cats then had a whale of a time with! They literally played with the box for an hour, and then during that night too which was when I realised that the box had to go. Sorry guys but momma needs her beauty sleep!
The Whiskas Dentabites were a straight off hit with the cats, as they have had them before but in different packaging. They are really good for their dental health as it helps to clean up the tartar on their teeth & goodbye smelly cat breath! Essential for Haku whom loves to clean his daddy’s beard in the morning..
The Nature’s Menu Cat Food was a miss for the kitties, as they are fussy with meat they are given. I take full responsibility for this, as Sayuri came to me from her breeder raised on chicken breast and cat biscuits as her first experience of solid food. I continued this as she got older giving her chicken breast from brands such as Applaws or Encore, as I felt the usual Whickas or Felix cat food does not have good cuts of meats. Of course there is nothing wrong with it, my mum personally gives her cats predominately Felix as good as it looks, or doubly delicious, but I think ours enjoy the chicken breast and rice as well as it having a better protein content in the meal. Although the cat food in the sample box has chicken breast in it, they weren’t fussed on the jelly!
Finally the Canagan Cat Food were a hit with the cats – although Haku scoffed too many biscuits on his first try and ended up throwing up. I wasn’t overly worried as this is a common thing for Haku when it comes to rich food when he overindulges. Once he worked out to eat a little at a time everything was fine, and I think both of them preferred it to their usual dry food option. The biggest reason I always go back to buying the Royal Canin long haired indoor dry food is that it benefits Sayuri massively – with her long-haired coat she needs part of her diet to reduce hairballs. I notice the difference when I switched her to other food and the Royal Canin seems to be the best at helping her with it.
So for any other Crazy Pet Ladies or Gents looking to buy Online Pet Food I do recommend giving a bash, they have lots of options and deliver their products very quickly. After all, your furry babies always deserve to be treated!

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  • last year's girl March 21, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    I have the same problem with my two and wet food: we're subscribed to the monthly Cat Hampurr box, and there are always these really tasty-looking premium pouches that they just refuse to touch!

    We're a Royal Canin household too though, at least when it comes to dry food.

    Lis (last year's girl) x

  • Lady Ellumina March 23, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    I find that it is such good quality dry food! My babies deserve the best 😉 x

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