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June 3, 2015 2 Comments

It is now officially Summer my lovelies! Isn’t June a fantastic month? It is that time of year where we ladies like to stock up on beauty products especially skincare, and I have many goodies on my wishlist for summer 2015.
First up is Dove summer glow, I have never been the fan of the obvious fake tan nor do I tend to bronze in the sun. I burn very easily with my pale complexion so in the past I have decided to love the milk bottle look. However, with your legs on show more often in the summer, it is a nice confidence boost to have a gradual tan moisturiser for your legs etc. This product has many positive reviews online and it is budget friendly which is always a bonus in my book.
On a hunt for a new summer perfume last year I came across Miss Dior Eau De Parfum. It smells lovely. It light and fresh with a citrus combined with jasmine and patchouli. For me, this is perfect for summer and a bit more of a luxurious purchase with the heavy price tag.
Although I tend to blog about beauty products, I am going to own up now and tell you all that I am terrible with nails. I end up with nail polish everywhere, and it is a real struggle when it comes to arty prints. Then there is Elegant Touch False Nails that comes to the rescue. They have so many cute prints to choose from! I am rather loving the pineapple print for summer – Pina Colada nails anyone?
For haircare, I am eyeing up Lush’s Sea Spray. Every summer for the last couple of years I have lusted after that tousled beach ready look, but every time I have tried a new sea salt-based spray to achieve this look it has dried out my hair. Cry. Lush is famous for their blends of nourishing oils in products, and this one is no different. Will it be the answer to my summer hair woes?
When summertime arrives I prefer a lighter base for my make-up. None of that cakey shiny gloop for me thanks. I want to look radiant. This year I am hoping that Nars Tinted Moisturiser will carry out the job nicely. I am yet to try it out, but I went for shade Finland and hopefully I will be able to share my thoughts on the product.
If I’m going lighter with my makeup base, I also would like to have a relatively clear complexion to start. I have been looking at Magnitone Lucid for months now (and it is on offer at House of Frasers!), pretty much all reviews I have read are super positive. I have sensitive skin personally and am wary of products that may be too harsh, and the Magnitone Lucid has a sensitive setting! How great is that?! For the summer months it will be particularly helpful with my cleansing routine, and exfoliating to keep my face soft. It is an investment beauty device that is a must have in my book.
As many of my regular readers might already know I am a massive red lipstick fan. For SS15 I would really like to buy MAC Lady Danger as it is on the warmer orange side. It is a bit different to my usual choice as I have many blue-toned reds that I love, but I think an orange tone would be better suited for summer. I think it might also compliment my new hair colour… Speaking of rose golds, I have also been lusting after Benefit Rockateur to give my cheeks a beautiful summer glow. I don’t tend to splurge that often on bronzers or blushes that often – I am usually more than happy with my drugstore choices. However, I love my Hoola Bronzer so much that I would love to try a blush from Benefit too.
Finally, my yearly repurchase product without fail – The Body Shop’s Body Butter. I have tried so many different varieties of scents so far. My favourite being the discontinued Passion Fruit scent! For summer, I would say my other go to’s body butters are the coconut and mango one, but it all comes down to personal taste.
What are you guys wishing for summer 2015, tell me down in the comments below!




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    Candice Petersen

    June 3, 2015

    These are great I think the Dove Summer Glow would be great

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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    Lady Ellumina

    June 4, 2015

    I'm hoping so! x


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