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July 26, 2015 0 Comments

Things I have been loving this week:

I have uploaded more clothes to my Depop, as well as sorting out price cuts on clothing that I really want to go soon! I really like the idea of recycling my clothing to go to new homes where hopefully they will be worn. I don’t like the amount of clothing that I own that just sits in my wardrobe doing nothing – it is much better I pass them onto somebody else. Plus, I’m saving for my holiday to Florence next month so if you like any of my items feel free to private message me on the app. I am absolutely loving the ease of Depop in comparison to eBay!
I went out and bought a lot of fruit and veggies to make tasty meals, and I finally feel like my diet is improving. I can already see the results on my skin as a lot of the redness is clearing up. My secret trick to sticking to this diet is that I’m not banning naughty foods outright. I am allowed them in moderation so I won’t cave and end up binge eating chocolate, plus you can’t beat strawberries or some melon when the weather is warmer!
Song of the week – Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
The highlight of the week – Sam had a burst of positive energy and dragged me to the gym. Despite me feeling like poop beforehand, I felt really good after a workout. I might actually start regularly using my gym membership after all…
Share with me things that you have been loving this week!


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