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July 19, 2015 0 Comments
Hello everyone, I’ve decided to introduce a new Sunday interactive chat post. I’ll share my news on here and anyone can feel free to comment below!

Life update: The time has come – I’ve almost run out of things on Netflix to watch, or rewatch!! I no longer can avoid studying for my August exams for university (or the gym for that matter). I have finally got my revision goals in order, and have got my productive brain on. It feels good, and the puppy toilet training has improved massively this week. I just need to keep going with the productivity before my silly procrastination brain comes around again.
Things I have been lovin’ this week:
Chouchou hoods, ah the beautiful Silvia has stole my heart again and released an amazing collection. The hoods are now all on the website and I have already order not one, but two. Can you guess which hoods I choose?
Song of the week – Foo Fighters, Learn to Fly. I’ve been really enjoying listening to the Foos lately and this song in particular is excellent.
Highlight of the week – I took Willow to puppy class, and there was lots of newcomers. The instructor used Willow as an example to show the newcomers what they want the puppies to learn. the idea is that you put food in your left hand and guide the pup along next to you. She did so well walking along then sitting instantly when told. I was a proud puppy mum.
What have you been loving this week?


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