Corinne - August 6, 2015

As a bit of fun I decided to write up a post all about my pets. If you know me you’ll know that I love sharing about them so it makes sense for them to appear on ‘Lady Ellumina’ ever so often!

What is your pet’s name?

I have three furry babies Sayuri, Willow & Haku
What kind of pet? What kind of breed? 
Sayuri is a very fluffy seal-point birman cat.
Haku is a tan tabby & white moggie cat.
Willow is a tri-colour cavalier king charles spaniel puppy.
How long have you had your pet friend?
I have had Sayuri for quite some time now, I got her as 12 week old kitten when I started university. I lasted all of two months after I moved out before I needed to live with a cat again. I really love having the company of a pet!
Willow has been in my life for 5 months now roughly, I brought her home in March when she was 8.5 weeks old. The summer has flown by with training her and she has kept me pretty busy.
Haku is really Sam’s cat, but I remember the day we brought him home and I have been living with Sam for the past year so I count him as our cat.
How old is your pet?
Haku is the eldest but only by a few days. It wasn’t exactly planned this way but Haku & Sayuri grew up together visiting each other – so cute! They both turned 2 in June this year.
Willow is still a baby, she is 7 months old this August. As she is now reaching adolescence she has now entered her ‘naughty phase’. Please send help!
Is there a quirky thing about your pets personality?
Sayuri is sweet as pie. She is really docile and likes to strut around the place meowing when she wants attention.  Everything she does is pretty angelic, she make people fall in love with her using only her eyes, and she relaxes all her muscles when you pick her up. She is also a bum wiggler when she is on the prowl!
Haku is an alpha cat (evil genius) and will be incredibly affectionate when he wants giving little head bumps on your chin. He is constantly curious about every little noise, and he comes running whenever he hears tin foil.
Willow is a happy-go-lucky puppy that is desperately trying to be a cat. Unfortunately for her she does not have a cats balance and she ends up wobbling about the place. At the moment she keeps trying to sit on your neck leaning against the head rest on the couch. Luckily she is a small breed or she wouldn’t be able to keep the act up for must longer..
What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
Sayuri was the biggest comfort to me when I was going through some rough times, she brought a gleam of light to the days where I felt really bad and she has helped me greatly in that sense. I love her to pieces.
I dote on Willow and she dotes on me. She brings me a lot of happiness these days with her carefree temperament.
Haku is a little menace but I do love him even so. He pretends that he merely tolerates me, but within closed doors he loves nothing more than a big stretch and a belly tickle.
What our some of our favourite pastimes?
Sayuri loves being brushed. Honestly rolling around purring, helping lick her bib and lick your hands almost instantly. She also loves wand toys, and playing around on her scratch post with human interaction.
Willow loves cuddles, and licking your face. She loves giving puppy kisses. She also loves any activity that will involve her being rewarded with treats, and rolling about the grass when we go for walks.
Haku favourite pastime involves chasing, jumping, and nibbling Sayuri.
What are some nicknames?
Sayuri – Si, Soy Bean, Pretty, Bubby, Sweetie Pie
Willow – Piddly Willow, Poopy puppy, Stinky hound, Cutie Puppy
Haku –  Handsome Boy, Haku Bean, Buddy, Evil Demon
Who you have pets of your own? If so, what are their names, type and personality?

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  • Charlotte Colours and Carousels August 8, 2015 at 8:50 am

    Oh god your pets are all so beautiful! Sayuri is an absolute stunner. I have a gorgeous ginger tom – imaginatively called Ginger – who we adopted when I was about 8 and is roughly 16 years old now. He's a grumpy old boy but such a softie! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  • Lady Ellumina August 9, 2015 at 11:44 am

    Thank you, I love them all so much! My mum has a ginger tom called Ginger too. Old cats are awesome because they just want to curl up on your lap and be loved x

  • Charlene August 30, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    Aww, your pets are all adorable! Sayuri is like a model cat – she looks like she could be the face of a luxury cat food brand!

    I have two guinea pigs called Fawn and Cotton who are very sweet and noisy – they recognise the sound of the fridge opening and squeak and peep to let you know they want fresh vegetables! I also adopted a tabby cat called Sorcha about a month ago, who so far is very inquisitive and playful. She gets these random bursts of energy and will start charging the flat, playing with every single one of her toys until she puffs herself out.


  • Lady Ellumina September 3, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    They are unique in all of their own ways!
    She can be such a little poser sometimes I think she would actually enjoy being the face of a luxury cat food brand haha

    I have never owned guinea pigs myself, but they seem to be very sweet. Aw, I love tabby cats. Sorcha sounds like a right menace. I love cats that have an attitude about them x

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