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Corinne - August 25, 2015

We’ve all been there, you are skint but foolishly browsing online. Click onto the Topshop website and so many things catch your eye! Yup. These are just a few of the things that I’m majorly lusting after.
The coat | My favourite type of coat is one you can throw on with any outfit and it just looks good – an effortless chic jacket or coat. Hence why I love leather jackets and trenches. I don’t own a camel coloured coat and the contrast between the sleeves and the body is a great detail.
The skirt | I am drawn to the tartan print of this skirt but I am unsure if the shape would suit my curvy figure. I might have to go in-store to try this little number on, and if it doesn’t look good I will talk of my friends to buy it for themselves because it is just that cute.
The shirt | I’ve been searching for the perfect button-down shirt for a while. It’s one of those classic tems that every person should own. My list for the perfect shirt included a slouchy fit but it still compliments my curves. Another item for the try-on list!
The boots | Who honestly needs two pairs of boots at once? Only me. I’m obsessed with boots. But honestly they would both serve a different purpose! Causal use for the suedette lace ups and formal for the pinstuds. That clearly justifies another boot purchase, and look how pretty!
The sunglasses | I quite like the way that cat eye glasses compliment my face shape, and I don’t have many pairs of sunglasses.
The playsuit | It is black. There is lace. Do I need to say more?
The clutch | For the past year or so snake print always seems to catch my eye when I’m out shopping. This clutch looks like it would be the perfect size for a night out.
The top | I don’t know if anyone else has notced but lace-up tops and dresses are everywhere at the minute, and I love the look of them. This top plus a pair of jeans would be perfect for going back to univeristy.
The jumper | I love ombré or dip/dye on pretty much anything, and with the rainy dull weather in Scotland I can’t help but look to items for my A/W wardrobe.
The jeans | I went off jeans for around a year or so, but I have decided they are great again. They just go with everything. I like the fit of Topshop’s Leigh jeans as they are snug but comfy. I miss having a good pair of ripped jeans in my wardrobe so these have gone straight to the need list.
Have you spied any items from topshop’s new arrivals? There is so many beautiful items!

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