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November 26, 2015 0 Comments
It seems like ages ago that GlassesShop contacted me to pick out a pair of frames to show you guys, and, with the move and lack of internet although I have been wearing my funky frames loads, I am yet to show you all them. So here they are! The Pittsfield Cat-Eye Prescription Glasses in Floral*.
It was a mere coincidence that I just happened to be looking for a new pair in early September, and I had my eyes on set on another pair of Dolce & Gabbana prescription glasses. These were so similar in style and print that it almost felt silly saving up for the designer pair. When you are living on a budget you can’t always afford expensive luxury items when you just fancy a change.
The print on the frames might not be to everybody’s taste but (I still have my plain black cat-eye pair) I like that I can just throw on these when I want to have more fun with my outfit – I mean, although they improve my eyesight they are another accessory in my wardrobe to spice things up.
What do you guys think? I have this code: GSHOT50 for any reader wanting a further  50% off a new pair of cheap, affordable glasses with free lenses.
ps. please excuse my resting bitch face above! 




I'm Corinne, a psychology student, 21-year-old who lives in Scotland loves fashion, beauty, animals and travelling. I hope you enjoy my world.


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