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Corinne - March 25, 2016

I have found that the secret to a flawless finish is having a great base to start. This means that a reliable primer goes a long way with makeup. I am on the search for my go-to primer, and the photo finish smash box selection are good contenders.

P1070139Photo Finish

The original photo finish primer was my favourite pick out of the 3. I was worried it would be too greasy even though it is ‘oil-free’ but when applied it felt like silk on skin. It  smoothed out the texture of my skin. My make-up stayed perfected for longer and I felt more confident about my skin. I found it worked best when my skin was behaving itself.


I found the hydrating variation a really nice option to pick when my skin is feeling particularly dry. It felt lightweight which was pleasantly unexpected. My biggest pet peeve with hydrating beauty products is that sometimes they feel overly heavy. I like my skin to breathe, and this glided across my face so easily. My skin felt instantly hydrated which was perfect during winter. The only downside is that is was a little shiny when my skin is learning towards combination versus dry.


I liked the smoothness of the primer when patted across my skin but I personally felt the finish was not to my taste. I like my bases to have a nice natural glow e.g. I prefer dewy foundation over matte but it was too dark for my fair skin. I will stress that it was not the products fault as it is substantially less orange in colour when applied in comparison to the colour in the tube. The finish was also quite a sparkly shimmer and I tend to prefer to adding in a shimmer with my highlighter. It works as a primer and my foundation lasted longer, but it isn’t the primer for me. Maybe I’ll try it again in the summer.

What is your go-to primer? Send me your suggestions to try next!


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