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April 22, 2016 0 Comments

Why I Started
When I was growing up I was always into reading about makeup, scrolling through lookbook posts and getting DIY ideas from Pinterest (I didn’t not actually have a Pinterest account at the time, which seems strange to me now – how did I manage to favourite a cluttered mess for years??!) to gain inspiration and incorporate those ideas into my personal style. It seemed natural that my next step would be creating my own blog. I just never had to confidence to go for it when I was 15.
Then in August 2014, I decided to put myself out there, which was a huge step with regards to my troubles with anxiety. I think I was lucky when I started this space as blogging was exploding at a rapid pace. It was more known that blogging was a thing and that there were plenty of people that were successful doing it. I never started my blog with such great expectations for myself. I just wanted a place to share creativity.

Where I Am Now

Disclaimer: I might sound overly harsh but I prefer honesty.
I think I may be in a blogging rut. I have achieved many things since I have started. I’ve gained confidence. I have readers that actually care what I have to say (this still seems strange!), and met new people. But sometimes I get frustrated with the rate of growth and I have doubts about my blog. Will it ever be more than what it is now – a sporadic post filled blog.
I need to take some time to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with where I am now. Blogging is about the journey. I have aims and with a bit of dedication and hard work it may take me somewhere new.

What The Future Might Hold For Bloggers

I can see that with the vast growth in the industry that blogging is becoming more and more of a recognised profession. Companies can see that bloggers have a huge influence on the masses as the generation of social media grows up. This has the potential to present us with so many incredible opportunities, but at the same time, the pressure for presenting a perfected version of yourself is a lot greater. Many blogs I have followed for years have become so professional that the websites could be compared to online magazines. I find it aesthetically pleasing to look at but sometimes you can lose that personal touch that made me want to follow their thoughts in the first place.  It is difficult to keep standards so high and simultaneously keep your individuality from others. I highly respect those bloggers that have managed to do this.
Am I The Same Blogger
I still have the same ethics. I would never deceive my readers for money, or pay for fake followers for a shot at internet fame. However, I don’t fully believe that anyone is ever really the same as time progresses. You learn new things, you care more about different things. It can be easy to get swept up in the numbers game – which yes I believe it isn’t all about the numbers, but it is just a little bit about the numbers. I may put an emphasis on different areas, and my favourite subjects to write about have changed.

Advice For Bloggers Just Starting Out in 2016

  • Create a simple template as minimalism tends to look better on screen and is much easier to read.
  • Try your best to take eye-catching photos with good lighting – even if you are just using a phone camera.
  • Just go for it and create content. If you are passionate about what you are writing it will shine through.
  • Make sure you don’t compare yourself to the big dogs – you are just starting out and everything takes times.
  • I just wish I knew back then how much coding would drive me insane but there are plenty of resources you can use online to help!


I'm Corinne, a psychology student, 21-year-old who lives in Scotland loves fashion, beauty, animals and travelling. I hope you enjoy my world.


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