Dogs That Dine

Corinne - June 2, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I attended an awesome event put together by the lovely Sarah to raise money for the Dogs Trust Glasgow. I am a big time animal lover and jumped at the chance to help raise money for a valuable charity. Plus, there was the added fun of seeing all the dogs and bringing my little cavalier king charles spaniel Willow along to a blogger event.

13282372_1090337644321573_1574116552_o 13287943_1090337640988240_900113690_oWhen we arrived the function room at the Hyde was chock-a-block – there were 50 people and 20 dogs fitted into one room! I met lots of friendly faces and Willow thoroughly enjoyed showing off to new people and making all the doggy friends. There was a mix of sizes from a chihuahua-dachshund mix to a labradoodle. And I took the time to give each a pet and a cuddle. Sarah had put together a buffet, a doggy photo booth, and a raffle. It was a fantastic afternoon and I love the professional pictures of Willow!

We managed to raise £559.00 total, as well as a huge box of toys and treats for the centre. Massive congratulations to Sarah for putting the event together – you are a superstar!

Have you ever attended a fun charity event? Tell me about it below!


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