Romantic & Easy Summer Braids

Corinne - June 7, 2016

I have always loved simple and easy hairstyles, and with my long bob cut back in shape for summer little cute braids with waves seem to be the way to go. That, or I have been watching way too much Game of Thrones.

Step 1. Blow dry hair

To create this look I started with wet clean hair and used a penny sized amount of TRESemmé Make Waves Defining Cream from the runway collection, and a good heat defence spray. I proceeded to dry my hair straight using my hairdresser ensuring volume at my roots. As you can see my hair was super fluffy after a blow-dry and was in need of some styling up.

Step 2. Create Waves

I then created waves in my hair using my Diva Professional multi-wand with the chosen Waving Wand (17–26mm). I decided to go for a tousled look and grabbed strands of hair without combing my hair into distinct sections beforehand.
Optional: to avoid styling with heat altogether use Dutch Braids overnight on damp hair.
P1070426Step 3. Dutch Braids

For those reading that has not heard of a Dutch braid before; it is an inverted French Braid. This means that you braid under the middle strand instead of overhand (as you would in a French braid). The braid will look more defined when finished. Plus once you get the hang of braiding underhand they are pretty simple to do.

For this hairstyle, I took a segment of hair just behind my fringe on either side of my head and created a Dutch braid. I tied each braid off with a small elastic hair tie.

Step 4. Topsy-Tail

Once the braids were complete I tied them together the back of my head using a third hair tie. Then using a mirror I removed the previous hair ties as they were no longer needed as the braid is joined up. To finish, I used the topsy turvy technique to tidy up my hair.

Note: To use the topsy-turvy tail you flip the hair through itself to create a pretty twist.

Step 5. Hairspray

As a rule of thumb, if a hairstyle takes more than 5 minutes to create then I’ll use hairspray to set the look in place.  Once I was happy everything was in place I was ready to feel super cute with this bohemian romantic look.

What do you think of the hairstyle? Tell me in the comment box below!


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