BKLYN: A Luxury Bobble Beanie and a Controversial Issue

Corinne - September 23, 2016

I have hummed and hawed about publishing this review and whether it feels right.

At the beginning of summer, I was very kindly sent this luxury bobble hat by BKLYN. However, up in Scotland, the summer has been rather stormy and the review felt more relevant for September time. The seasons changing and hats are more wearable when heading outside.
img_0501img_0502 img_0539 I received the bobble hat in a beautiful burnt orange colour with a racoon coloured pompom. The hat is made using the finest Italian Merino Wool, hence how lush and soft it is to touch. Despite the softness of the wool, the garment’s material feels robust and amazingly does not give static hair (hurrah!). These hats come in a variety of colours with the option to mix and match pompoms – an idea which I love. The only thing missing from the site is the option to buy separate additional hats and pompoms.img_0503I was totally impressed with the quality. If you are a person who likes to invest in their accessories then these hats could potentially be a good contender for updating your wardrobe this A/W. I did find the price off-putting myself at £55 despite how premium the product.
I shall address the elephant in the room – I discovered the detachable pompom is made using real fur. For this reason, I feel torn about the garment. Although ‘ethically sourced’ I still feel uncomfortable about the pompom. The ghost of my vegetarian past is whispering how ethical can real fur be? I have never been a large fur-lover. For years I detested it. Although (as some may point out) I may be a hypocrite as I came around to the idea of  wearing real leather products (longevity). I understand the benefits of vintage fur  – it does not contribute to the profits of modern fur farms and it is less toxic to the environment than faux fur. But I would not knowingly go out of my way to buy real fur – it just does not seem functional. In this day and age, faux fur is such a popular option it seems silly for brands not to offer it. I will be the first to admit that the large and fluffy racoon fur pompom is nice to look at but it does not change my morals on the subject. For now, I shall wear the hat as a beanie instead.img_0510At the time of agreeing to the opportunity, I was not aware that the pompom is made from real Racoon fur. It was not clear on the website or highlighted when arrangements were being made. I felt misled, and an identical situation has happened to other bloggers. Due to these circumstances, BKLYN has now changed the wording on their website. This is the only review you will find on my blog featuring real fur.
I have learned a lesson from this experience – when agreeing to a brand opportunity check and double check what it is I am agreeing to.

BKLYN has an upcoming faux fur range, so if you are like me and prefer the faux fur option keep your eyes peeled for when they are available to purchase.


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