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Maison de Moggy

September 17, 2016 0 Comments

Have you guys heard that I’m going to Japan next year? Just humour me okay. I may have mentioned it already just a few times.

As some people might already know the world’s first cat cafe was opened in Taiwan but the concept was popularised by the Japanese. Cat cafes blossomed in Japan as many workers enjoyed the companionship they might not necessarily have access to in a small apartment. Before my travels to Japan, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go visit Scotland’s first cat café Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh.

The general idea is that customers pay for an hour to stroke and play with cats complete with a cup of tea or coffee.  The cats get spoiled with love and the customers are blessed with cats for company.

Overall it was an adorable experience.

I thought the café’s decor was lovely. I especially liked the duck egg blue accents. The walls are decorated with information blurbs on each of the kitty residents, there was lots of wicker furniture spotted about and some special Ikea hacks designed with the cats in mind. The fianceé and I had a chuckle at the customer toilet’s being labelled ‘human litter tray’. Unfortunately, when we arrived in the cloakroom to remove our shoes I discovered I had left my camera battery with the charger at home (doh!). I settled for using my iPhone’s camera instead.

Sam felt nostalgic when we were having a cup of tea and browsing through the cat literature as we spotted a childhood favourite ‘my cat likes to hide in boxes’.

There has been some controversy surrounding cat cafés when the RSPCA chimed in on the topic and stated that it could be potentially lead to poor welfare for cats living the cafés. Cats can be very solitary creatures and beforehand I was concerned that the cats could be anxious or stressed out by 1) an enclosed area shared by many other cats and/or 2) over-stimulated by attention received from the customers. However, this was not the case at all. The cats seemed used to receiving regular attention. They seemed friendly and very content (if not, a little sleepy as it may have been nap time!). Each cat I met had a distinct personality and seemingly copes well living with one another as they grew up together.

I thought all the cats were very cute. Ragdolls, Bengals/Siamese, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cats, Chinchilla Persian and a Sphinx. There was definitely a breed for every cat lover. I was particularly awed by Guillaume the Chinchilla Persian, he had striking snowy and silver fur and bright green eyes to die for. I do have a soft spot for extra fluffy cats. I was saddened to leave when our hour was up but I couldn’t resist leaving without a Cat Hairband at the checkout.

As a cat lover, I highly recommend the experience! Have you ever visited a cat café?



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