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The Hiatus from Hello Corinne

July 5, 2018 0 Comments

When I first started up blogging, I got so many kicks out of photographing, editing and sharing with people.

Hello readers, I’m back after a hiatus of 8 months, and even then from late 2016 onwards I started to get busy with University life and stopped bothering so much about my blog. Now I have graduated in BSc (Hons) Psychology with a first and a court medal (yippee!), I have realised that I have all this free time again. It just feels a bit sad that something that once gave me so much joy and passion disappeared slowly from my life, I could compare it to a new relationship that just fizzled out.

When I first started up blogging, I got so many kicks out of photographing, editing and sharing with people. Every comment put a big smile across my face, and the opportunities that were presented to me raised my confidence as people cared about something that I had to say. I met new people that shared my interest and attended events. I even had contact with brands which seemed crazy to me.

However, slowly but surely this website that started out as a hobby to share my opinion on a new makeup item I had bought, or what I thought about a new trend started to feel like a chore. Once it was listed on a long to-do list I stopped feeling bothered about creating content. And I stopped just having fun, instead of focusing on putting my thoughts on virtual paper. I started focusing on things I could do to improve this space (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!) and I started to lose my enthusiasm. I spent hours researching SEO, and formatting CSS and the best hashtags to use to gain followers. And, put hours into looking what I should be doing then I would feel bad if I didn’t have time to do it. But the thing is I started to make this place that I was using as a creative outlet as a potential work opportunity, I mean, other people were doing it so I thought I should be doing the same. As I have gotten older and wiser I realise that it is not just important to unapologetically be yourself but to also just do you, and let others do them.

On reflection, my expectations were a little ridiculous. I wasn’t really making money out of this space; if anything I was losing money between paying to make this website look more professional and buying things that I thought I might need to make content. I was creating stress where I should have just been having fun. So there we have it, the reason why the passion for blogging just sort of burned out.

In the meantime, I carried on focusing on my degree and my relationship with others, which has worked out well admittedly. But in my downtime, I did just find myself either binge-watching TV or gaming, to the extent that my level of binge-watching is truly a skill. If only employers would see it that way! I jest, but I missed doing something more productive with my time. Although I could argue that building a whole town on the Sims 4 is productive… There was something just lovely about sharing my thoughts on the old blog.

Or sharing moments like these^just chilling in the sunshine with my husband!

In addition, I really did enjoy the premise of blogging: sharing, giving advice and having a space that was just mine. I have a big store of posts that are just waiting to be shared, for instance, I went to my dream travel location (Japan) and didn’t share the travel tips and the beauty bits I bought on here, only vague drafts! And now I have got married, went on mini-moon and finished with graduation in space of 3 weeks I have ticked off some major life events that were time heavy in the lead up to them! So maybe, just maybe, I could rekindle the relationship and give blogging another shot. I’m not making promises about the regularity of content as I have been here before saying “I’m back, I’m back!”. But baby I am back and I am just dying to see where this ol’ gal may take me.



I'm Corinne, a psychology student, 21-year-old who lives in Scotland loves fashion, beauty, animals and travelling. I hope you enjoy my world.


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