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Beauty Tools: Japan Edit

August 21, 2018 0 Comments

For the longest time after my trip to Japan in spring 2017, I stored my J-beauty bits in a bag from the Pokémon centre not daring to open anything until I took blog photos. I know, how silly am I? I think part of me wanted to hold onto all the products as long as possible to keep the trip with me, and what if I ran out of these products after finding out they were awesome; I knew that importing them would be a nuisance…

Then came along this summer, and I decided to say f*ck it, I spent all this money that I had saved last year excitedly buying all these things when I visited, I may as well use them. After all this time, I’m sharing what I bought and my thoughts on the items so far. I have separated it into three posts: beauty tools, makeup and skincare.

Beauty Tools

Most of these beauty tools were spontaneous purchases from Daiso, also know as the Japanese Dollar Store as everything in the shop is 100 yen. It was pretty easy to go crazy in here. I went into the Daiso on Takeshita street (Harajuku) during my first day in Tokyo. Beauty-wise, I picked up a Hair Donut, Natural Konjac Puff, & Perfume spray bottle. I also picked up chopsticks (plain and lucky cat ones, some Japanese sweets and Sakura paper).


The Hair Donut is a fantastic way to get a quick voluminous bun without the damage of backcombing. You simply put your hair in a ponytail, slide the hair donut down the ponytail and then cover it with your hair wrapped around to hide mesh and secure with pins or kirby grips. It is quick, easy and takes a couple of minutes.

I have used konjac puff sponges in the past and picked up two when I was visiting. For those that haven’t used a konjac sponge before, it is made from an Asian root vegetable and uses the fibres to gently cleanse skin. To use you simply put rinse the sponge (or soak if it is the first use) in water, squeeze and release the excess then wash your face in a circular motion. Although you end up needing to toss them after a month or so, I like them because you don’t need any product to cleanse your skin, you simply use the wet sponge. I have tried the dark grey konjac with charcoal and the green konjac sponge which tend to have either green tea or green clay. Since I prefer the green ones I picked up two of them.

The perfume spray bottle is pretty self-explanatory. These little bottles are handy for travelling and the packaging was cute. I used to own a mini spray bottle previously but I had misplaced it. Thus, I popped this it in the basket when I was going round Daiso.


Finally, there is the Dolly Wink Eyelash in 11 Pure Sweet and although I have probably stated this before on this blog, I will reiterate again: I am not an avid false eyelash wearer. I struggle with all elements of falsies: the application and the wearing. More often than not, they end up lifting up from my lash line and then poking me in the eye until I get so frustrated that I take them off. Since I had been recommended Asian style ones instead as they are shorter in length I picked these up when I was visiting. I am yet to try them because I do just tend to avoid wearing false lashes. Perhaps in a few months, I will be raving about how I have found a hero to my previous bad false eyelash experience…



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